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1, Novel HBV Therapeutic Vaccine.

So far, HBV therapeutic vaccine for the treatment of chronic hepatitis B has shown a very limited clinical efficacy.

Now we are developing a novel vaccine, aiming restoring and boosting HBV-specific immunity in infected patients, may lead to control of virus replication and disease resolution.

2, Anti-HBV Cyclophilin inhibitor-making HBV cccDNA silencing.

a) HBV life cyle and targets of anti HBV drugs.

b) Without cyclophiin A(CypA) inhibition.

c) With cyclophiin A(CypA) inhibition.

d) Mechanism of action.

HBV cccDNA is key to the persistence of chronic HBV infection and replication. The interaction between host cyclophilin A and HBx is required for cccDNA transcription in the early viral life cycle. Therefore, targeting this critical interaction will be a critical factor to silencing HBV cccDNA and stopping the viral life cycle.

Our small molecule effectively binds host cyclophilin A, thereby selectively disrupting the HBx pathway and playing a significant role against HBV infection and replication.

3, Fundamental Chemistry of Cyclosporine for Ring Opening Between Position 3 and 4.

4, Synthesis of Novel Cyclosporine.




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