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Medicinal Chemistry FTE (Full Time Equivalent) Program

S & T Global offers specialised medicinal chemistry R & D services based
on the FTE program. This includes lead synthesis and lead optimisation
chemistry, second generation drug projects, and patent exemplification. We
have successfully completed projects in many therapeutic areas involving a
broad range of target classes.

Custom Synthesis

At S & T Global, we aim to offer the equivalent of an in-house development
resource for all our customers, working closely to provide services to the
highest standard.

Our quotations are based on a mutual discussion and agreement according
to the synthetic routes, experimental protocols, timelines, and deliverables,
such as product quality, quantity, specification and documentation.

S & T Global always focuses its attention on customer needs and pro-active
communication. Customers are kept informed throughout the progress of
their projects, especially at key decision points.


Quality – S & T Global will provide all analytical data collection and reports
to our customs from the initial quotation through the final delivery, ensuring
our compounds meet your requirements.

Confidentiality – all projects are carried out under conditions of
complete confidentiality. Everything is completely protected, from your
intellectual property to any and all technical information used in individual

Communication – open and honest communication accompanies all our
projects from the initial contact to completion. This includes telephone or
videoconferences, face-to-face meetings, and regular written reports.
Informal scientist-to-scientist discussion ensures communications at the
technical level.

Cost effectiveness – S & T Global offers a fair, competitive price
structure. Our services may significantly lower the cost for projects by
eliminating the need for clients to set up or expand laboratories. We work
with a variety of business models, some of which include fixed price
contracts, time and materials contracts, and FTE (Full Time Equivalent)

Flexibility – scientific projects may be subject to change during their
course. At S&T Global, we recognise this. Processes are in place to
accommodate the needs of both S & T Global and its customers.




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